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(2014-2020 on leave | Agcom; 2021-2023 on leave | European Commission)

Monografie - Books

  • A. Manganelli, A. Nicita (2022) Regulating Digital Markets. The European Approach, Palgrave MacMillan 

  • A. Nicita (2021) Il Mercato delle Verità. Come la disinformazione minaccia la democrazia, Il Mulino

  • A. Manganelli, A. Nicita (2020) The Governance of Telecom Markets.Economics,Law and Institutions in Europe,Palgrave MacMillan

  • M. Delmastro, A.Nicita (2019) Big Data.Come stanno cambiando il nostro mondo, Il Mulino, seconda ristampa.
  • A. Nicita, F. Belloc (2016) Liberalizations in Network Industries. Economics, Policy and Politics. Springer​

  • A. Nicita (2015) #questianni, e-Book, Open Access 

  • A.Nicita, V. Scoppa (2005) Economia dei Contratti, Carocci, terza ristampa.


Curatele – Edited Books

  • C. Cambini, A. Manganelli, G. Napolitano, A. Nicita (2023) Economa e Diritto della Regolazione, Il Mulino, in corso di pubblicazione

  • G. de Blasio, A. Nicita, F. Pammolli (2021) (a cura di) Evidence-based Policy!, lI Mulino

  • A.Nicita and U.Pagano (eds) (2014), The evolution of economic diversity, Routledge, paperback edition

  • A.Nicita, G. Ramello e F. Silva (2008) (a cura di) La Nuova TV. Economia, Regole, Mercato, Il Mulino

  • A. Castaldo, S. Da Empoli, A. Nicita (2008) (a cura di) La tripla convergenza, Carocci 

  • F. Cafaggi, A. Nicita, U. Pagano (eds) (2007) Legal Orderings and Economics Institutions,Routledge

  • M.Franzini and A. Nicita (eds) (2002) Economic institutions and environmental policy, Ashgate-Routledge

Articoli in riviste internazionali – Journals (indexed)

  • "The rise of 5G technologies and systems: A quantitative analysis of knowledge production"  with S. Mendonça et al., R&R (2022)

  • V.Glass, S. Gori, A. Nicita (2021) "Online Platform Dominance: A Case for Dynamic First Viewer Advantages", submitted

  • Maruotti, A., Belloc, F. & Nicita, A. (2020) "Comments on: The role of vitamin D in the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 infection and mortality" in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research,

  • A. Marciano, A. Nicita, G. Ramello (2020) "Big Data and  Big Tech: understanding the value of information in Platform Capitalism",  in European Journal of Law and Economics

  • A. Marciano, A. Nicita, G. Ramello (2020) "Puzzles in the big data revolution: an introduction" in European Journal of Law and Economics

  • Antonio Nicita and Ugo Pagano (2016) "Finance-Technology Complementarities: an Organizational Equilibria Approach" in Structural Change & Economic Dynamics, Elsevier  Volume 37, June 2016, Pages 43-51 ​

  • M. Basili, F. Belloc and A. Nicita (2015) "Group Attitude and Hybrid Sanctions: Micro-Econometric Evidence from Traffic Law", in Transportation Research (Part A): Policy and Practice, Elsevier Volume 78, August 2015, Pages 325-336​

  • Belloc, A. Nicita and S. Sepe (2014) “Disentangling liberalization and privatization policies: Is there a political trade-off?” in Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 42, issue 4, pp. 1033-1051 ​

  • Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2014) “In Dubio pro Reo. Behavioral explanations of pro-defendant bias” in CESifo Economic StudiesVolume 60, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 554–580

  • ​A.Nicita and M. Vatiero (2014) “Dixit vs Williamson: the ‘fundamental transformation’ reconsidered” in Eur. Journal of Law and EconomicsVolume 37, Issue 3, pp 439–453​

  • Antonio Nicita (2014) "The legacy of R. Coase (1910-2013): towards a theory of moving equilibrium?" in International Review of Economics, June 2014, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 93–108

  • ​Antonio Nicita (2013) “Managing Strategically Outside Options Under Incomplete Contracts” in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 361–374​

  • Antonio Nicita and Simona Benedettini (2012) “The Costs of Avoiding Accidents: Selective compliance and the ‘Peltzman effect’ in Italy” in International Review of Law and Economics, Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 256-270​

  • F. Belloc, A. Nicita, P. Parcu (2012) “Liberalizing telecommunications in Europe: path dependency and institutional complementarities” in Journal of European Public Policy20:1, pp. 132-154​

  • F. Belloc, A. Nicita, M. A. Rossi (2012) “Whither policy design for broadband penetration? Evidence from 30 OECD countries” in Telecommunications Policy, Volume 36, Issue 5, June 2012, Pages 382-398​

  • A.Nicita and S. Sepe (2012) “Incomplete contracts and competition: another look at Fisher Body/General Motors?” in Eur. Journal of Law and EconomicsVolume 34, Issue 3, pp 495–514​

  • A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2012) “Hold-up and Externality: the Firm as a Nexus of Incomplete Rights?” in International Review of Economics, Volume 59, Issue 2, pp 157–174​

  • F. Belloc and A. Nicita (2012) “Neo-Liberalism, Partisanship, and Public Policies” in Society, Volume 49, Issue 5, pp 444–450​

  • A.Nicita, M. Rizzolli, H.Smith (2012) “Exploring Coase’s World: An Introduction” International Review of EconomicsVolume 59, Issue 2, pp 111–120

  • ​F.Belloc and A. Nicita (2011) “Partisan Privatizations. Assessing the Ideological Bias” in Applied Economics Letters, 19:10, pp. 959-963​

  • F.Belloc and A. Nicita (2011) “The Political Determinants of Liberalizations: do ideological cleavages still matter?” in International Review of EconomicsJune 2011, 58:121

  • ​E. Brousseau and A.Nicita (2010) "How to Design Institutional Frameworks for Markets" in Revue d'Economie Industrielle, n. 129-130, pp.  87-118​

  • A.Nicita and M. Winkler (2009) "The Cost of International Accidents: Lessons from Bhopal and Amoco" in Journal of World Trade43(4):683-705

  • ​A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2009) "The Economics of Art Theft: Too Much Screaming over Munch's The Scream?” in Economic Papers, Volume28, Issue4, Pages 291-303​

  • A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2009) "The Case for the Virtual Strike" in Portuguese Economic Journalvol. 9(1), pages 75-75

  • ​A.Nicita and G. Ramello (2007) “Property, Liability and Market Power: the Antitrust Side of Copyright” Review of Law and Economics, 3(3):7-7 · February 2007​

  • Castaldo  and A.Nicita (2007) “Essential facility Access and Antitrust in Europe”, in Review of Law and Economics, 3 : 1, Article 6 2007

  • ​A.Nicita, G. Ramello, M. Scherer (2005) “Intellectual Property Rights and the Organization of Industries” in International Journal of the Economics of Business, 12(3): 289-96 2005​

  • A.Nicita, G. Ramello, (2005) “Exclusivity and Antitrust in Media Markets” in International Journal of the Economics of Business,12(3): 371-87. ​

Altre pubblicazioni – Other (Book Chapters and other Journal articles)

  • V.Glass, S. Gori, A. Nicita (2021) "USPS’s Negotiated Service Agreements in an Evolving Domestic and International Parcel Market" 

  • V.Glass, S. Gori, A. Nicita (2021) "A Critical assessment after 30 years of Panzar’s seminal paper “Is Postal Service a Natural Monopoly?” 

  • "L'economia del dato tra mercato e privacy", Rivista di politica Economica, 2020

  • "The Covid-19/SARS CoV-2 pandemic outbreak and the risk of institutional failures" (with M. Basili) in Quaderni del Dipartimento di Economia Statistica, Università di Siena, 2020

  • "The New Madison" vs the "Old Europe" Doctrine: On Re-balancing Competition Policy towards SEPs" (With G. Corda) in The Interplay between Competition Law and iNtellectual property, An International Perspective edited by G. Muscolo and M. Tavassi, Wolters Kluwer, 2019

  • "Has the Time Come for a Digital Regulatory Authority? - Legacy and Challenges" in IIC - The last 50, and the Next, International Institute of Communications, 2019

  • "Il dato profilato nella prospettiva economica tra privacy, propertization, secrecy" in I dati personali nel diritto europeo a cura di V. Cuffaro, R. D'Orazio, V. Ricciuto" Giapichelli Editore, 2019

  • "Libertà d’espressione e pluralismo 2.0: i nuovi dilemmi" in MediaLaws 1/2019, Rivista Quadrimestrale di Diritto dei Media, 2019 

  • "Platform Capitalism",  Intermedia,  Volume 46, Issue 03, October 2018

  • "'That's what FRANDS are for': The Antitrust Boundaries of the Patent Hold-Up Problem", CPI Antitrust Chronicle, Nov. 2017 (with G. Corda)

  • "Understanding the political trade-offs behind privatization and liberalization policies" (with F. Belloc) in 2015 Privatization Barometer, Edited by W. Megginson, Privatization Barometer,Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, 2015

  • “Multilevel Competition Policy” (with A. Manganelli, A. Rossi) in Brousseau-Glachant (Eds) Cambridge University Press 2014

  • “Ronald H. Coase (1910-2013)” con Giuliano Amato, Mercato Concorrenza Regole, n.2 2013

  • “Spectrum crunch vs. spectrum sharing” (with A. Rossi) in Communications&Strategies vol. 2 2013

  • “Spectrum Sharing: the case for Authorised Shared Access” (with P. Parcu) Network Industries Quarterly 2013 Vol. 15, 3

  • “The Evolution of Consumer Protection ” (with F. Cafaggi) in The Economics of European Union Law (Eger&Schafer Eds) EE 2012

  • “Towards the Economics of Comparative Law” (With S. Benedettini) in P. Monateri (Ed.) Methods of Comparative Law, EE, 2012

  • Teoria del Contratto (2012), in Dizionario Treccani (Economia e Finanza), Treccani

  • "Pay what you want: diritti al successo?” (con Sara Rinaldi) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, Il Mulino 2 2011

  • “Lost in Transaction?” (con Giulio Napolitano) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, Il Mulino, n. 2 2010

  • “Towards the Economics of Comparative Law” (With S. Benedettini) in Comparative Law Review, North America, 1, Jun. 2010

  • “Deterrenza , Sanzioni e Mercato ” in Maugeri-Zoppini Funzioni del Diritto Privato e Regolazione del Mercato, Il Mulino, 2009

  • “Sei anni di patente a punti in Italia. Una storia beckeriana?” (con S. Benedettini) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 2/09 Il Mulino

  • “Lo sciopero virtuale tra equivoci e illusioni” (con M. Rizzolli) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 3/09 Il Mulino

  • “Access to Audio-visual Contents, Exclusivity and Anticommons in New Media Markets”, (con M. A. Rossi) inCommunications&Strategies vol. 3 2008

  • “Convergenza e concorrenza nelle comunicazioni elettroniche” (con M.Libertini) in A. Nicita et al. (a cura di) La tripla convergenza Carocci 2008

  • “Il Nobel che fece l'Impresa: Coase e il governo delle regole incomplete”, (con R. Pardolesi) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole 3 2008

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  • “Minimal Liberty and the ‘Coasean Liberal’ ”, in F. Cafaggi, A. Nicita, U. Pagano (eds) Legal Orderings and Economics Institutions, Routledge 2007

  • “Le semplificazioni amministrative per le imprese” (con G. della Cananea) in Quaderni di Ricerca, n. 4 Settembre 2007, Ufficio Studi Confindustria

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