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(2014-2020 on leave Agcom | 2021-2023 on leave European Commission | 2023-27 on leave Senate)

Monografie - Books

  •  A. Nicita (2024) Hate vs. Freedom, A Long Neglected Dilemma over Free Hate Speech, Emerald Publishing

  • A. Manganelli, A. Nicita (2022) Regulating Digital Markets. The European Approach, Palgrave MacMillan 

  • A. Nicita (2021) Il Mercato delle Verità. Come la disinformazione minaccia la democrazia, Il Mulino

  • A. Manganelli, A. Nicita (2020) The Governance of Telecom Markets.Economics,Law and Institutions in Europe,Palgrave MacMillan

  • M. Delmastro, A.Nicita (2019) Big Data.Come stanno cambiando il nostro mondo, Il Mulino, seconda ristampa.
  • A. Nicita, F. Belloc (2016) Liberalizations in Network Industries. Economics, Policy and Politics. Springer​

  • A. Nicita (2015) #questianni, e-Book, Open Access 

  • A.Nicita, V. Scoppa (2005) Economia dei Contratti, Carocci, terza ristampa.


Curatele – Edited Books

  • C. Cambini, A. Manganelli, G. Napolitano, A. Nicita (2024) Economa e Diritto della Regolazione, Il Mulino, in corso di pubblicazione

  • G. de Blasio, A. Nicita, F. Pammolli (2021) (a cura di) Evidence-based Policy!, lI Mulino

  • A.Nicita and U.Pagano (eds) (2014), The evolution of economic diversity, Routledge, paperback edition

  • A.Nicita, G. Ramello e F. Silva (2008) (a cura di) La Nuova TV. Economia, Regole, Mercato, Il Mulino

  • A. Castaldo, S. Da Empoli, A. Nicita (2008) (a cura di) La tripla convergenza, Carocci 

  • F. Cafaggi, A. Nicita, U. Pagano (eds) (2007) Legal Orderings and Economics Institutions,Routledge

  • M.Franzini and A. Nicita (eds) (2002) Economic institutions and environmental policy, Ashgate-Routledge

Articoli in riviste internazionali – Journals (indexed)

  • Mendonça S, Damásio B, Santiago F, Chen M, Santos AB, Cunha MPE, Nicita A.  (2022);11(12):3114-3117. Strategic Encounters in Innovation and Regulation: Healthcare Transformation in the Era of Digital Connectivity " Int J Health Policy Management  

  • "The rise of 5G technologies and systems"  with S. Mendonça et al., (2022) Telecommunications Policy

  • V.Glass, S. Gori, A. Nicita (2021) "Online Platform Dominance: A Case for Dynamic First Viewer Advantages", Rutgers Business Review (2023), Vol. 8, No. 2, pp.131-149.

  • Maruotti, A., Belloc, F. & Nicita, A. (2020) "Comments on: The role of vitamin D in the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 infection and mortality" in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research,

  • A. Marciano, A. Nicita, G. Ramello (2020) "Big Data and  Big Tech: understanding the value of information in Platform Capitalism",  in European Journal of Law and Economics

  • A. Marciano, A. Nicita, G. Ramello (2020) "Puzzles in the big data revolution: an introduction" in European Journal of Law and Economics

  • Antonio Nicita and Ugo Pagano (2016) "Finance-Technology Complementarities: an Organizational Equilibria Approach" in Structural Change & Economic Dynamics, Elsevier  Volume 37, June 2016, Pages 43-51 ​

  • M. Basili, F. Belloc and A. Nicita (2015) "Group Attitude and Hybrid Sanctions: Micro-Econometric Evidence from Traffic Law", in Transportation Research (Part A): Policy and Practice, Elsevier Volume 78, August 2015, Pages 325-336​

  • Belloc, A. Nicita and S. Sepe (2014) “Disentangling liberalization and privatization policies: Is there a political trade-off?” in Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 42, issue 4, pp. 1033-1051 ​

  • Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2014) “In Dubio pro Reo. Behavioral explanations of pro-defendant bias” in CESifo Economic StudiesVolume 60, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 554–580

  • ​A.Nicita and M. Vatiero (2014) “Dixit vs Williamson: the ‘fundamental transformation’ reconsidered” in Eur. Journal of Law and EconomicsVolume 37, Issue 3, pp 439–453​

  • Antonio Nicita (2014) "The legacy of R. Coase (1910-2013): towards a theory of moving equilibrium?" in International Review of Economics, June 2014, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 93–108

  • ​Antonio Nicita (2013) “Managing Strategically Outside Options Under Incomplete Contracts” in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 361–374​

  • Antonio Nicita and Simona Benedettini (2012) “The Costs of Avoiding Accidents: Selective compliance and the ‘Peltzman effect’ in Italy” in International Review of Law and Economics, Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 256-270​

  • F. Belloc, A. Nicita, P. Parcu (2012) “Liberalizing telecommunications in Europe: path dependency and institutional complementarities” in Journal of European Public Policy20:1, pp. 132-154​

  • F. Belloc, A. Nicita, M. A. Rossi (2012) “Whither policy design for broadband penetration? Evidence from 30 OECD countries” in Telecommunications Policy, Volume 36, Issue 5, June 2012, Pages 382-398​

  • A.Nicita and S. Sepe (2012) “Incomplete contracts and competition: another look at Fisher Body/General Motors?” in Eur. Journal of Law and EconomicsVolume 34, Issue 3, pp 495–514​

  • A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2012) “Hold-up and Externality: the Firm as a Nexus of Incomplete Rights?” in International Review of Economics, Volume 59, Issue 2, pp 157–174​

  • F. Belloc and A. Nicita (2012) “Neo-Liberalism, Partisanship, and Public Policies” in Society, Volume 49, Issue 5, pp 444–450​

  • A.Nicita, M. Rizzolli, H.Smith (2012) “Exploring Coase’s World: An Introduction” International Review of EconomicsVolume 59, Issue 2, pp 111–120

  • ​F.Belloc and A. Nicita (2011) “Partisan Privatizations. Assessing the Ideological Bias” in Applied Economics Letters, 19:10, pp. 959-963​

  • F.Belloc and A. Nicita (2011) “The Political Determinants of Liberalizations: do ideological cleavages still matter?” in International Review of EconomicsJune 2011, 58:121

  • ​E. Brousseau and A.Nicita (2010) "How to Design Institutional Frameworks for Markets" in Revue d'Economie Industrielle, n. 129-130, pp.  87-118​

  • A.Nicita and M. Winkler (2009) "The Cost of International Accidents: Lessons from Bhopal and Amoco" in Journal of World Trade43(4):683-705

  • ​A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2009) "The Economics of Art Theft: Too Much Screaming over Munch's The Scream?” in Economic Papers, Volume28, Issue4, Pages 291-303​

  • A.Nicita and M. Rizzolli (2009) "The Case for the Virtual Strike" in Portuguese Economic Journalvol. 9(1), pages 75-75

  • ​A.Nicita and G. Ramello (2007) “Property, Liability and Market Power: the Antitrust Side of Copyright” Review of Law and Economics, 3(3):7-7 · February 2007​

  • Castaldo  and A.Nicita (2007) “Essential facility Access and Antitrust in Europe”, in Review of Law and Economics, 3 : 1, Article 6 2007

  • ​A.Nicita, G. Ramello, M. Scherer (2005) “Intellectual Property Rights and the Organization of Industries” in International Journal of the Economics of Business, 12(3): 289-96 2005​

  • A.Nicita, G. Ramello, (2005) “Exclusivity and Antitrust in Media Markets” in International Journal of the Economics of Business,12(3): 371-87. ​

Altre pubblicazioni – Other (Book Chapters and other Journal articles)

  • “An Assessment of USPS’ Negotiated Service Agreements and Platforms’ Direct Entry in Delivery,” with Stefano Gori and Antonio Nicita. In The Economics of the Postal and Delivery Sector: Business Strategies for an Essential Service. Editor with Pier Luigi Parcu and Timothy Brennan, Springer Publishers, Forthcoming 2021
    V.Glass, S. Gori, A. Nicita (2021) "A Critical assessment after 30 years of Panzar’s seminal paper “Is Postal Service a Natural Monopoly?” 

  • "L'economia del dato tra mercato e privacy", Rivista di politica Economica, 2020

  • "The Covid-19/SARS CoV-2 pandemic outbreak and the risk of institutional failures" (with M. Basili) in Quaderni del Dipartimento di Economia Statistica, Università di Siena, 2020

  • "The New Madison" vs the "Old Europe" Doctrine: On Re-balancing Competition Policy towards SEPs" (With G. Corda) in The Interplay between Competition Law and iNtellectual property, An International Perspective edited by G. Muscolo and M. Tavassi, Wolters Kluwer, 2019

  • "Has the Time Come for a Digital Regulatory Authority? - Legacy and Challenges" in IIC - The last 50, and the Next, International Institute of Communications, 2019

  • "Il dato profilato nella prospettiva economica tra privacy, propertization, secrecy" in I dati personali nel diritto europeo a cura di V. Cuffaro, R. D'Orazio, V. Ricciuto" Giapichelli Editore, 2019

  • "Libertà d’espressione e pluralismo 2.0: i nuovi dilemmi" in MediaLaws 1/2019, Rivista Quadrimestrale di Diritto dei Media, 2019 

  • "Platform Capitalism",  Intermedia,  Volume 46, Issue 03, October 2018

  • "'That's what FRANDS are for': The Antitrust Boundaries of the Patent Hold-Up Problem", CPI Antitrust Chronicle, Nov. 2017 (with G. Corda)

  • "Understanding the political trade-offs behind privatization and liberalization policies" (with F. Belloc) in 2015 Privatization Barometer, Edited by W. Megginson, Privatization Barometer,Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, 2015

  • “Multilevel Competition Policy” (with A. Manganelli, A. Rossi) in Brousseau-Glachant (Eds) Cambridge University Press 2014

  • “Ronald H. Coase (1910-2013)” con Giuliano Amato, Mercato Concorrenza Regole, n.2 2013

  • “Spectrum crunch vs. spectrum sharing” (with A. Rossi) in Communications&Strategies vol. 2 2013

  • “Spectrum Sharing: the case for Authorised Shared Access” (with P. Parcu) Network Industries Quarterly 2013 Vol. 15, 3

  • “The Evolution of Consumer Protection ” (with F. Cafaggi) in The Economics of European Union Law (Eger&Schafer Eds) EE 2012

  • “Towards the Economics of Comparative Law” (With S. Benedettini) in P. Monateri (Ed.) Methods of Comparative Law, EE, 2012

  • Teoria del Contratto (2012), in Dizionario Treccani (Economia e Finanza), Treccani

  • "Pay what you want: diritti al successo?” (con Sara Rinaldi) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, Il Mulino 2 2011

  • “Lost in Transaction?” (con Giulio Napolitano) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, Il Mulino, n. 2 2010

  • “Towards the Economics of Comparative Law” (With S. Benedettini) in Comparative Law Review, North America, 1, Jun. 2010

  • “Deterrenza , Sanzioni e Mercato ” in Maugeri-Zoppini Funzioni del Diritto Privato e Regolazione del Mercato, Il Mulino, 2009

  • “Sei anni di patente a punti in Italia. Una storia beckeriana?” (con S. Benedettini) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 2/09 Il Mulino

  • “Lo sciopero virtuale tra equivoci e illusioni” (con M. Rizzolli) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 3/09 Il Mulino

  • “Access to Audio-visual Contents, Exclusivity and Anticommons in New Media Markets”, (con M. A. Rossi) inCommunications&Strategies vol. 3 2008

  • “Convergenza e concorrenza nelle comunicazioni elettroniche” (con M.Libertini) in A. Nicita et al. (a cura di) La tripla convergenza Carocci 2008

  • “Il Nobel che fece l'Impresa: Coase e il governo delle regole incomplete”, (con R. Pardolesi) in Mercato Concorrenza Regole 3 2008

  • “Law and Economics in Retrospect” (con U. Pagano) in E. Brousseau e J-M. Glachant (eds) New Institutional Economics, A Textbook, Cambridge University Press 2008

  • “The Contract and the Market: Towards a Broader Notion of Transaction” (con M. Vatiero) in Studi e Note di Economia, 1 2007

  • “Law, economics and institutional complexity” (con F. Cafaggi e U. Pagano) in F. Cafaggi, A. Nicita, U. Pagano (eds) Legal Orderings and Economics Institutions, Routledge 2007

  • “Minimal Liberty and the ‘Coasean Liberal’ ”, in F. Cafaggi, A. Nicita, U. Pagano (eds) Legal Orderings and Economics Institutions, Routledge 2007

  • “Le semplificazioni amministrative per le imprese” (con G. della Cananea) in Quaderni di Ricerca, n. 4 Settembre 2007, Ufficio Studi Confindustria

  • “Path-dependency and Corporate Governance in Italy” (con R. Vannini) in Journal of Corporate Ownership & Control, Vol. 5, 2007

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